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Rotsas & Co was established in 1988. The company was founded by Mr. Christos Rotsas BA, FCA, ex Member of Parliament and employs around 20 people, "small enough to be personal and big enough to be professional".


We provide audit, tax, accounting, consulting and financial advisory services to local and international companies. Different client's stories reflect the company's ability to manage a range of industry sectors, including Investment Firms, Manufacturing Companies and Shipping Companies. Our registered logo trademark is "Looking Beyond The Visible".


Expertise, Quality of Service and Confidentiality


Quality of service is achieved through the expertise of our high- caliber staff. Their skills, knowledge, professionalism and energy are the vehicle behind prompt, efficient and high quality services offered. Each client is treated with strict confidence and services offred to any kind of business. Our aim is to keep satisfied our clients.  




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